What is your quotation process?

You can contact us by phone or by email. If you are not sure of your exact requirements, we are here to answer any of your questions and help you choose the best packaging for your needs. For us to provide the quote we will need information such as:

  • dimensions of the required product
  • details of any printing required for the product
  • an artwork file for the printing (if available)
  • details of finishing required for the product (please call us if you are unsure)
  • any special one-off requirements
  • details of the delivery

Can I visit your office to see your range and discuss ideas?

Absolutely!  We have a showroom at our office and you are welcome to visit us. It’s best to contact us before driving out – just to be sure that the right person to help you is here when you arrive.

What is your privacy policy?

We never disclose customers’ personal information to any third parties. We only use your information to handle orders, deliver products and services and to communicate with you about orders.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Duncan Packaging has no minimum quantity on custom orders. However, please be aware that the price for a single box is often more than you might expect, because we have to include setup charges whether we run one box or thousands.

What are your terms & conditions?

Please check here to see Duncan Packaging’s terms&conditions.

Can I pick up my order?

Most certainly. When your order is ready for collection, we will give you a call. Items can be picked up between 8.30 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.

How can i pay for my order?

Unless you have an ongoing account we accept payment by COD, Direct Deposit, cheque or Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa) with no service fee applied.

How are boxes measured?

The box measurements are taken internally. At Duncan Packaging we state the length first (l), then the width (w), that is back to front, and finally, the height (h).

Do you deliver internationally?

Generally, we deliver around Australia. If your delivery point is outside Australia, please contact us to discuss a quote for international freight.

How much is freight?

Normally freight is $30 ex GST to Melbourne metropolitan areas. If you wish for your order to be delivered to a rural location or interstate please contact us so we can further discuss your options. If you have your own freight company and would prefer to use them we can do that too.

How long does it take to produce my order?

Generally, we can produce most orders within 2-3 weeks of artwork or sample approval. However, depending on our schedule and material availability, we might be able to ship in less time, or it could take longer. Our sales manager will be able to discuss this with you further.

Do you have any stock sizes?

We currently do not carry any stock sizes. The samples on our websites are examples of custom packaging products we have made.

Term “Stock sizes” used on our website refers to the existing cutting formes’ sizes – it means that we have these cutting formes on shelf and we are able to cut those sizes without an additional charge for new tooling.



Email: boxes@duncanpackaging.com.au

Phone: (03) 9706 5044